We are professional editors/proofreaders with vast experience across the academic spectrum.

We have edited thousands of papers and hundreds of books by authors from around the world.

We offer a personal service tailored to your needs at a competitive price.

Our standard editing service includes:

  • Checking the text for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Improving the writing style to enhance the readability of the paper.
  • Suggesting possible structural changes to the paper.
  • Liaising with authors to resolve any issues raised by the copyediting.
  • Checking the abstract in terms of length and clarity, and cutting/rewording this vital element where necessary.
  • Checking that the references are complete and in a suitable style (the reference list is not usually included in the word count for billing purposes).
  • Checking that the tables are error free and convey the information in the best possible way.
  • Checking figures and figure captions for errors.
  • Advising on figure quality.

Prices range from £14.99 to £19.99 per 1000 words, depending on the level of intervention required. For extremely heavy editing/rewriting please contact us for an individual quote. (Prices subject to VAT where applicable.)


Forewords offers a range of skills:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Typesetting
  • Typographical design
  • Project management
  • Miscellaneous


We have a vast amount of experience editing a wide range of subjects to a high standard. However demanding the task—whether your text needs a light touch up, a full copy-edit or a virtual rewrite—we have the ability to match your requirements fully, on time and on budget. Although we are both science graduates, our long experience of editing in many other subject areas (for example, we have been editing law for over 10 years) means that we understand the needs for specialist fields and can manage them all confidently and competently.

Dealing regularly with international authors for whom English is a second language, we are expert at making even the most difficult text read clearly and fluently.


Having proofread in-house and on a freelance basis for many years, we offer a fully professional service. Whether you need your novel or ebook polishing, your academic books or journals perfecting or a final check of your brochure, we can fulfil your needs.


We have typeset books and journals for over 20 years, using a variety of software packages. We currently use InDesign, which we have used for the last six years to supply all our clients’ needs.

Typographical design

Not all publications look the same. If you are looking for inspiration, we can provide a typographical design that is suitable for you and your project.

Project management

We can control the whole production cycle for you or any of the individual elements therein. If you just need support part-time or as temporary cover, we can step in at a moment’s notice.


We are happy to provide consultation about any or all aspects of your work. We can help in myriad other ways, for example with picture research and even photography.

Contact us for a quote for any of our services.


Forewords was created as a partnership over 20 years ago to provide the publishing industry with flexible editorial and typesetting support. Between them, the two partners, Nick Allen and Chris Myers, have a wealth of experience in a wide range of fields:

  • Academic books and journals, including:
    • science, technical and medical
    • humanities
    • social sciences
    • the Classics
    • economics
  • Trade books
  • Lifestyle books

Forewords offers great flexibility:

  • We offer a highly personal approach—to match your needs precisely, however idiosyncratic.
  • With our unique range of expertise, we can take responsibility for, or support you in, any part of your production cycle, be it a small part or the whole package.
  • We will work together to meet your deadlines, however challenging.
  • We will ensure your work is completed in the most cost-effective way.


Contact Details

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Brackley NN13 6JS, UK
Tel: +44 7891 693 168